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From Farm to Finish

Our team have expertise in taking your fleece and turning it into something magnificent which you can cherish for many years to come.  We will happily help you right from the first step of skirting the fibre from your farm, naturally dyeing the yarn, right through to weaving you a special blanket, shawl, a piece of upholstery fabric or pretty much anything of your choosing.  


Equally, our hand weavers are delighted to discuss any weaving projects that you wish to commission with us using only the finest Welsh breed wool originating only in Wales.  We offer bespoke design services using design software with fabric simulations so you can have a view of the design, and what your woven garment will look like before going ahead.

Why choose the Welsh Fibre Company?

We want you to share our passion for Welsh Wool.  The warmth, texture, and feel of Welsh breed wool is very unique.  With exacting specifications, design, and handwoven quality your garment will give you a piece that will last forever.  We also make owning something uniquely Welsh by creating a bespoke service as follows:

  • We have no order minimum minimum for handwoven garments

  • We can create simple and complex weave structures and designs.

  • We can advise on yarn types, strengths and characteristics depending on your project requirements – i.e. upholstery fabric or rugs require the yarn to be stronger, and more tightly woven than a blanket.

  • We weave with most yarn types but have a particular interest in wool, particularly rare breeds and Welsh wool breeds (being based in Wales makes this important).

  • We can work with you to produce and design woven garments from single animal, or small flock fibre quantities to create something special from your very own animals.

  • We can incorporate a natural or synthetic yarn dyeing service to create bespoke yarn colours for your project.

We are here to work with you on creating something truly and uniquely Welsh that you can treasure forever.



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